Floodwaters wreak havoc in northeastern sports wristbands customAustralia

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This handout from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services taken and received on Feb 4, 2019 shows flooding in Townsville. [Photo/VCG]

SYDNEY -- Snakes and crocodiles are among the dangers posed by floodwaters affecting Australia"s northeastern region surrounding Townsville.

Days of torrential rain has seen several thousand homes flooded and around 1,000 residents evacuated, with emergency crews using boats and helicopters to conduct a number of swift water rescues.

"A risk to life and property continues around the Townsville region as we"re seeing unprecedented flooding continue on the Ross River," Adam Morgan from the Bureau of Meteorology said on Monday.

"Last night the spillway gates at the Ross River Dam were fully opened and we"ve seen high velocity flows continue into the river overnight and this morning."

According to a measure at Townsville airport, the area has received a record breaking 1,158 mm of rain in the past week and Australian Army personnel have been called in to help residents cope.

Dangerous wildlife could also be a threat to residents with snakes and crocodiles spotted using floodwaters to enter suburban environments.

"It"s a little bit scary because when it floods in Townsville, the crocs get into the water," resident Andrew Roberts told the AAP. "My biggest concern is getting eaten."

On Tuesday night two police officers were left clinging to a tree branch when they were overwhelmed by floodwaters while helping with evacuations.

The officers" vehicle was swept away and they were stranded for half an hour before rescue crews were able to reach them.

Queensland state Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that it had been a "really testing night for a lot of people," and unfortunately the strain was likely to continue with extreme weather and flood warnings still in place for many communities.

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