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The main hall of Shaw Sports Complex at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University resembles a rubbish landfill on Thursday. Mats, rags, rubbish and wastes lie strewn all over the floor. The hall was reportedly used by radical students and rioters to rest. [PHOTO/CHINA DAILY]

Police appeal to public: Cherish peace, shun violence

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which was seized by rioters in their attempts to paralyze traffic against police, was finally cleared by police who seized hundreds of bottles of chemicals and thousands of petrol bombs.

The Hong Kong police lifted the cordon around the university on Friday afternoon after evidence collection and removal of dangerous items left on campus by radical protesters.

At a press conference following the campus" unsealing, PolyU President Teng Jin-guang said the university was among the hardest hit in this political incident and it could take five to six months to finish cleanup and repair work.

Extensive vandalism to campus facilities has severely compromised teaching, learning and research projects, he added.

PolyU Hong Hum campus was utilized as a fort by radical protesters who wanted to paralyze the nearby Cross-Harbour Tunnel, a main artery linking Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, said Teng, noting that it was an unprecedented challenge for the university.

Police seized about 4,000 gasoline bombs, 600 bottles of corrosive liquids and a great number of other weapons before ending a 12-day siege to the campus, where radicals barricaded themselves after fiery clashes with police.

Only 46 of some 1,100 protesters who left the campus after confrontation with the police were PolyU students, according to the university.

Although the campus has reopened, the university said in a statement that it is only open to authorized persons due to safety concerns, and students and staff members are being told not to enter the campus.

Earlier the university reported dangerous chemicals were missing, such as flammables, toxics and corrosives, after radicals stormed their laboratories.

Police appeal

After countless petrol bombs were thrown and bows and arrows were shot over the past three weeks, Hong Kong has finally been brought back to peace -- a blessing that police asked everyone to cherish.

The hard-earned tranquility Hong Kong is cherishing in recent days has already become something luxurious for the embattled SAR, according to Kwok Ka-chuen, chief superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch.

Kwok said it is hoped that the peaceful settlement of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University incident could serve as a turning point for the city, which has been battered by violence and vandalism for six months.

Police strongly condemn the rioters for seizing the university and using it as a weapons factory. Police will investigate the case impartially and bring all law offenders to justice.

"A university is supposed to be a breeding ground for talents, but it"s turned into a battlefield by criminals and rioters over the past few weeks," Kwok said.

"We are thankful to see the PolyU episode coming to a final chapter," said Kowk, who called for support of police efforts to restore Hong Kong to safety and order.

The incident at Polytechnic University taught everyone a lesson that disagreements can actually be settled without shedding blood, Kwok said.

Communicating and listening to each other works much better than resorting to violence, added Kwok, who believes that Hong Kong can resolve the crisis in a rational manner.

Different universities in Hong Kong have been taken over and used as manufacturing bases for petrol bombs and dangerous chemicals have been stolen from laboratories. Major roads and even the city"s transportation lifeline – the Cross-Harbour Tunnel – have been blocked.

Situated in Hung Hom, Polytechnic University was turned into a warzone 13 days ago, with radical protesters taking over the campus.

Instead of a direct confrontation, police adopted a more defensive strategy as they cordoned the whole area next to the tunnel.

With protesters inside coming out to surrender one by one, the tension finally faded in a peaceful way, although the campus was left in ruins, as no single building and not even a single floor was spared from damage.

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