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President Xi Jinping stated China"s hope for ensuring long-lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula during separate phone conversations with Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday.

During both phone conversations, the meeting last week between Moon and Kim Jong-un, the top leader of the Democratic People"s Republic of Korea, was discussed, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Moon briefed Xi on his summit meeting with Kim and the outcomes that were made, including the landmark joint declaration that Moon and Kim signed on improving inter-Korean relations.

Xi said the summit achieved key outcomes for improving inter-Korean ties, eased tensions on the peninsula and pushed for lasting tranquility there.

China speaks highly of the efforts made by both sides on the peninsula, and the international community and all parties involved should support and encourage the efforts, Xi said.

Moon said Seoul appreciates Beijing"s key role in catalyzing the situation"s positive changes, its strong support for inter-Korean dialogue and its major contribution to resolving the issue through dialogue and negotiation.

Xi noted that the situation is at a crucial moment and the peninsula faces a historic opportunity for peace.

China supports further positive interaction by both sides on the peninsula, improvement of their ties and tangible translation into reality of the consensus they have reached, Xi said.

Beijing is ready to work with the two sides and the global community and further play a positive role in advancing the political process of settling the peninsula issue and thus ultimately realizing sustained peace in the region, Xi said.

Speaking on China-ROK relations, Xi said the ties maintain a good and developing momentum, and China is ready to jointly deepen cooperation, boost cultural exchanges and bring the ties forward in the direction that serves the interests of both sides.

As requested by Abe, Xi introduced China"s latest position on the peninsula situation during his phone talk with the Japanese leader.

China seeks to address the concerns of all parties in an all-out and balanced approach and push for the peninsula"s lasting peace, and Japan is expected to play a constructive role in this also, Xi said.

Abe said Tokyo values Beijing"s role in resolving the peninsula issue and looks forward to strengthening their contacts.

Elaborating on China-Japan ties, Xi said China endorses the positive signals sent by Japan recently about its ties with China and the positive measures it has taken.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship, and Xi said the ties are at a key point.

Xi said both sides should effectively honor the spirit of the treaty, stay true to the principles outlined by the four key bilateral political documents and honor their consensus.

Both countries should honor their commitments, align actions with rules and effectively manage contradictions and differences to make sure the ties return to the right track and achieve new progress, Xi added.

It is hoped that Japan can make choices that serve the fundamental interests of both countries as well as the region"s growth, and ensure that the ties always proceed in the right direction, Xi said.

Abe said he is ready to take the anniversary as an opportunity to push for the comprehensive improvement and development of the relations.

In another development, Vice-Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou told a news conference on Friday that Premier Li Keqiang"s upcoming official visit to Japan is important to bringing China-Japan ties back on track and to plan for the ties" future development.

From Sunday to Friday, Li will make official visits to Indonesia and Japan, attend the 7th China-Japan-ROK leaders" meeting in Japan and meet with Moon and Abe on the sidelines.

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