Beijing releases dcustom fabric braceletsetailed plan for its subcenter

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Buildings are under construction in Tongzhou district in Beijing, Feb 22, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

The subcenter of Beijing will be a water city with an emphasis on the environment, according to the detailed urban draft plan for Tongzhou, which was placed under review at the local legislature on Thursday.

Tongzhou, where the Chinese capital will move its non-capital functions, will mainly house offices for Beijing"s local administrative organs, provide business services, and support culture and tourism.

Its planning will be complementary to that of Xiongan New Area, according to the plan reviewed by the Standing Committee of Beijing People"s Congress.

The plan calls for a livable city with full supporting infrastructure.

Building a subcenter with a favorable living environment has great importance. Tongzhou is designed to be a water city full of green plants, featuring a harmonious combination of urban life and nature.

The government will put people first and develop Tongzhou into a city with green transportation, environmentally friendly municipal infrastructure, beautiful landscapes and distinctive cultural features.

Tongzhou"s role as the subcenter of Beijing was first put forward in the Overall Urban Planning in Beijing on Sept 13, 2017. The goal is to help relieve the current heavy pressure on public services in downtown Beijing, ease congestion, and achieve more balanced development in the region.